Latest skybuster list for 2016

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Latest skybuster list for 2016

Postby charliep » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:17 am

This is the latest list that I have for 2016, if someone else has more info to add please do so:

2016 Disney model (Boeing 747-400)

DKG 79 BatWing (new model) (has SB128 under port wing)
DKG 82 Hondajet (new model) (has SB131 on the base aft)
DKG 83 Sea Soarer (new model) (has SB132 under port wing)
DKG 84 Eurofighter Typhoon
DKG 85 Sky Safari
DKG 86 Stealth Launch
DKG 87 Biplane
DKG 88 Fang Fighter
DKG 89 Boeing 747-400
DKG 90 Battle Bomber
DKG 91 Rescue Helicopter
DKG 92 Aeroblast
DKG 93 Boeing AH64 Apache
DKG 94 Flameflight (new model) (has SB127)

DKH 01 A10 Thunderbolt (grey)

DVR 21 Skyclone (New model) (on the base it has SB129 & DKG80?)
DVR 22 Boeing F15 Eagle
DVR 23 Blade Force
DVR 24 Sky Shredder

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