Frustrated in the UK

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David Tilley
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Re: Frustrated in the UK

Postby David Tilley » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:41 am

Yes I popped by my local Poundland last night, and the overstocks had a box of the F case sitting there. I checked, it had barely been emptied, and only 2 models were pulled out. The Dodge, Skyline, Tuk-Tuk and Evora came home with me to check for variations. Sadly, there wasn't anything to models I had previously had shipped over from USA as those were dated K02, and these new ones were K04. Obviously only a 2-week production time difference doesn't often pull up much in the way of variations. But I was really hoping for one on the Dodge (there have been a lot of shades found in USA). But I did notice there were 2 of the '95 Chevy Van in the box, and both had the spare wheel back end. The random bike vs spare wheel rear of the model doesn't always guarantee one of each per box.

My local Asda has just restocked with batch G again, but the next one over has jumped up to batch K. The one beyond that is still waiting for a new delivery.

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craig tetlow
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Re: Frustrated in the UK

Postby craig tetlow » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:02 pm

Glad to see Batch F is turning up in much bigger quanties at Poundland than first time around as I did actually see the remnants of one back in the Summer at one of their stores but found only the Tuk Tuk. Ive so far visited two stores with Batch F and all the Chevy Ambulances had a bike at the rear and that totals six whereas it was pretty much 50/50 when sold at ASDA as Batch G.
A local ASDA I visited today actually had FOUR full cases of H and K on the top shelf and shows that there is onviously a lot of stock around, somehow common sense prevailed and I left them unopened as ive already bought loads over the last week or so!! ;-)

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