Greenlight Hot Pursuit fire vehicles

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Greenlight Hot Pursuit fire vehicles

Postby firehawk » Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:34 pm

Let's try this again.... (I just tried posting and got an error and then the "date" of my post was back in December of 1969 and I was a "guest" of MCF.) Duly logged in by every other on-screen indicator, but the post didn't make it. So, here goes:
The Ford Explorer Interceptor in Ford factory(?) Fire Dept livery

The Chicago FD Crown Victoria

I don't know if TRU (Toys R Us) exists "down under", nor if Greenlight diecast are available, but just in case, here's what the newest non-police Hot Pursuit cars look like. Sorry they're not skinned (ie, still in package). Look fine to me this way for the time being. Reviews on another forum were critical of the casting quality and tampo issues, like "Emergency 911" spelled "Mergency 911", but its so tiny on the model that you almost need a magnifier to read it. At least, at my age.

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Re: Greenlight Hot Pursuit fire vehicles

Postby adbutler » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:55 pm

That Interceptor looks the business.
MAJORETTE..... this is how a 3inch diecast vehicle is made Mattel!

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